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If you are a car enthusiast, there are several dozens of car magazines out there, competing for your attention. However, if you have more specific demands like classic minis, military hummers, etc, you have fewer, but more focused magazines.

If you enjoy cars in general and are interested in all makes and models, you can benefit from the magazines like Car, Auto Express, Auto Car, etc. With further defined interests, you can find titles like F1 Race Technology, Practical Classics, Fast Ford, Total Nissan, VW Golf, Porsche Supercars, Mini World, Mercedes Enthusiast, etc. The titles are almost self-explanatory.

If you have a passion towards cars, any kind of them, you are better off with the big collection of auto titles hitting the newsstands. This big flurry of magazines is sometimes a big problem, as you will find yourself not able to make the right pick from the dozens.

However, if you have better idea of what type of magazines you will enjoy in the long run, it is not a big problem. If not possible, pick all the different magazines out there. The next time, you buy the magazines you think like reading for the second time. Eventually, you will trim the magazines that you donít really care about. After that, you can place a subscription to the magazines that you really enjoy.

Car magazines compete among themselves to bring to you the latest technological innovations, industry news, car performance reviews. While the general interest car magazines (weekly or monthly) cover news from all manufacturers and models, specially dedicated titles stick to their specific model, or type like classic, performance, off-road, etc.

For passionate drivers, it is quite easy to find the car magazine of their choice. Subscribe to the ones that you think you canít live without. It feels so great to always keep updated to the latest in the world of your passion.

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